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Etiquette for the Different Casino Games

A casino is not only a place for players and gamblers to try their luck at the different games. It is also a place where people meet and mingle with friends, which means that other than making money a casino serves as a hangout for lots of people. Since casinos serve a huge social function where you can interact with others civility and social grace should be a standard.

Each game you find on the casino floor will require you to follow certain rules of etiquette. Some of these rules on proper casino etiquette may be specific to certain games and some may be applied to all games. We have a list of such rules of etiquette as they apply to specific games and to the casino in general. The rules on casino etiquette may not be written down on the house rules and regulations, but they are just as important.

Certain casino games have hand signals, most especially card games or table games. You'll easily figure out that face down card games are generally hand held games and card games that are dealt face up require hand signals since players can't touch the cards. It will be in your best interest to learn and follow these hand signals, which means practicing this part of casino etiquette.

When placing your bets at table games, you don't want to hand over your cash or chips to the dealer. It is a rule that dealers are not allowed to take any money from any of the players. Proper casino etiquette would have you put your chips (or your cash if you're buying in) on the table layout and then the dealer will be happy to either take them or exchange them for chips.

That part of casino etiquette doesn't exactly work when you play keno or slots. The runners are allowed to take money from players, make wagers for keno players, exchange cash for coins on slot machines, and hand over the player's winnings.

Abusive language doesn't really hold a place in any casino or any social function for that matter. This shows poor form and poor etiquette. This is also a one way ticket out through the casino doors. But, of course, you do have a right to make a request for the dealer to change the deck or replace the whole shoe, but doing so every once in a while is bothersome not only to the dealer but to other players too.

Tipping is not prohibited and is a form of proper casino etiquette. Just take note that there are different ways of tipping casino employees. Some casino games would have you make a bet for the dealer instead of tossing him a chip.

Casino etiquette is as important as the house rules and other regulations. Proper etiquette and casino civility is in order since you are really at a social gathering.