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Works Slow at Carson City Hotel and Casino

Work is slow on Carson City's Ormsby House Hotel and Casino construction. The old hotel-casino building has been under a complete makeover since 2000 and a new and a much brighter exterior is given to the old brown building.

Owner of the hotel-casino, Don Lehr, said Monday, August 7, "We made the mistake of not blowing the tower down.

"Fundamentally, the construction industry, through no fault of its own, is designed around new construction. Any serious remodeling, because of the cost of complying with codes, it is very difficult to redesign a building."

As the construction continues, a small casino with an unrestricted license is still in operation in the Ormsby Clu bar to the west of the main hotel tower.

The renovation began in 2000; Lehr and his partner saw many setbacks including damage from the New Year's rainstorms that flooded the basement. This renovation is called the largest remodeling project in Carson City history with a $25 million budget to spend.

Lehr won't give a reopening date. When the renovation started 2000 they envisioned to open by July but as the construction is slow they owner won't speculate on the date yet.

Lehr said, "We've had no discussions with anybody about the purchase of the Ormsby House. We get inquiries, but we get inquiries on Jack's Bar, too, and that is not for sale. The only one we don't get inquiries about is the only one for sale, at Goni Road and Arrowhead."